Transformational Healing

Being in so much pain and not being able to walk, stand or use my left hand, left me in a miserable state of being. After 3 months of seeing Diane I am 100% better. I can now drive myself to the stores, and best of all, I can go back to my yoga classes and stretch classes. My age being 96, I’m thankful for all Diane has done for me and continue to do for me. Thank You Diane.

- Marcie M., age 96

Before coming to see Diane, I had back pain, hip pain, and general back weakness. The weakness really bothered me because I’ve always been very active in sports and other physical activities. Diane helped me get rid of the pain and a lot of stiffness. My strength returned. Best of all, her adjustments really helped me mentally and spiritually. My stress levels are a lot lower and I’m much more relaxed. I feel much more contentment in life.

- Andy B.

I have suffered from asthma in the past few years and noticed a greater decline in my respiratory capacity. It was amazing to me how deeply I was able to breathe after the first visit. I wish every kid on an inhaler had a chance to experience this care. I haven’t breathed that deeply in a long time. I think you really did create more space around my lungs.I experienced other positive effects as well. Even after driving an hour back to Warren (in rush hour traffic) I still felt centered and peaceful. Tension that I had been feeling around the base of my skull and neck for a couple months now has vanished. The constant pain in my left shoulder – which I’ve tried many things for for the last year – has subsided to occasional discomfort suggesting to me that some healing has finally begun.

- Pete S.

I have been seeing Diane Babalas for about six months. When I first came in, I was having a lot of back pain. Even though I had been doing a lot of personal work (various therapies) to heal different parts of me, I was still not where I knew I needed to be. Within a couple visits to Diane, my back pain was gone. I have regained a good portion of my flexibility. More than just the physical, I have been able to release many past wounds and my inner self, my spirit, has been truly lifted. Thank you Diane.

- Mary B.

I came to Diane suffering from fibromyalgia. I was skeptical of chiropractic care because I heard that people become reliant on chiropractors. But since starting care I have less joint pain, minimal headaches, I sleep better, and handle stressful situations better.

- Claire B., age 46

I do feel like my adjustments have made it easier for me to release old patterns – both mentally and physically – as I’ve been undergoing this shift in my life. I always feel calmer and more grounded when I leave.

– Heather G., age 33

I feel comfortable in my body; I no longer live with daily pain in my hips and shoulders. I feel that I have better awareness of my mind and body and this helps me to better manage my thoughts and physical body. I breathe deeper and don’t experience intense PMS, I also find that I’m starting to sleep better.

- Emily M, age 34

My posture has improved 100% and I experience very few aches. I am mentally strong and aware, emotionally accepting, and my relationship has greatly improved. I can now lift weight, walk every day, and stand on my feet for four hours without hurting. I am much more in tune with my body—study groups have helped me set goals and achieve this. I have just turned 70 and feel like 50. Diane has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

- Ann J.

Our 8-year-old son has had a great leap in self confidence as a result of getting adjustments. He says he feels smarter and can concentrate better. He is sleeping better and doing great on his spelling tests. This is a huge shift for a little boy who often who felt defeated and out of place with his siblings and friends.

- Megan L.

When I first came to Diane, I was having difficulty walking due to spinal stenosis and degenerative disease. Since then I am able to walk with less pain and feel an overall balance in my body. I am more aware of how to manage or take care of my body. I am definitely more aware of my energy and it is flowing more vibrantly and openly.

– Mark L., age 61