Exceptional Chiropractic Care

First Visit

An Initial evaluation is done for every new practice member. The evaluation is one on one time with Dr. Diane. She will assess your system in a hands-on manner and explain her findings in a clear and meaningful way. An adjustment follows the evaluation as well as recommendations for meeting your health goals. Please fill out the forms below after you call to make your first appointment.
       Health History        Consent Form        Stress Survey

Effective and Affordable Care

One of the things we have heard repeatedly in practice over the years is how valuable our affordable care becomes to the families that use our service. In fact numerous studies show that chiropractic is the best use of your healthcare dollars. You can read a summary of the research here.
   We have many payment options available and accept health savings plans, flexible spending accounts and Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX.

Group Adjusting

Adjustments usually take place in a peaceful room with multiple tables. Each time your body receives the input of Dr. Diane’s gentle touch, she gives you a moment so your body can completely integrate the input. As your body is processing, you receive the benefit of the group dynamic. Other people are quietly releasing tension and this makes it easier for your system to release too. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of being upset and walking into a room where others were calm and this made it easier for you to attain your own calm. It can be easier to let go of and integrate our experiences of hurt, pain, grief, etc. when you have the silent comradery of others doing the same. Many people comment on feeling better just stepping into the beautiful healing field of our adjusting room.

One - on - One Sessions

A private hour-long adjustment that dives deep into your system; a one-on-one can be perfect for people that know they need a a deep feeling of safety or for those that are facing a particularly trying challenge. A one-on-one can provide a kickstart to those that are attempting resolutions or big changes in their lives.

Children's Care

Being full of life, children respond very quickly to BGI. Typically they love getting adjustments. Children benefit from quick recovery to falls, ear infections and self-esteem issues to name a few. Longer term care has helped children with ADD and autism spectrum issues. Parents report positive changes in their children's behavior and love having a natural approach to dealing with the innumerable issues that come up with kids. Diane has years of experience working with women throughout their pregnancies and adjusting newborns and children of all ages.

Greg's Services

Diane shares the office with her husband Greg Knollmeyer who offers private t'ai chi lessons at the office and teaches t'ai chi at his school The Spiral Chi Center. Greg is also a powerful healer who employs qigong, reflexolo-chi, and subconscious belief work to help people deeply heal and evolve. You can find out more about Greg's work at his healing website.