Diane Babalas D.C.

Dr. Diane believes the body has amazing wisdom and that we each possess an infinite potential for healing and growth. Assisting others to tap into this internal power and express it with ever greater fullness is her passion and the focus of her work as a chiropractor. As an undergraduate, Dr. Diane studied music in Boston. Hours of practicing, competition, and high stress overwhelmed her physically and emotionally. After experiencing traditional medical treatment she sought out the services of a chiropractor and experienced a whole new world of possibilities.

Inspired by her own healing, Dr. Diane pursued chiropractic with passion. She graduated with highest honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2000 and began her practice a few months later in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her excitement for life and healing work has touched thousands of lives and been the foundation for her successful family wellness practice.

Dr. Diane applies the concepts from the chiropractic model Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI). She is fortunate to have been a student of Dr. Sue Brown, BGI's founder, since 1998 and recently graduated from the BGI Academy of Mastery program in 2013. Dr. Diane is committed to continuously deepening her skills and sharing her passion for healing and evolution.

Dr. Diane and her amazing and talented partner, Greg Knollmeyer, raise their beautiful daughter and son in Ann Arbor. They love to live and laugh and play and learn together.