Bio-Geometric Integration

Bio-Geometric Integration(BGI) amalgamates concepts from physics, quantum mechanics, vitalistic philosophy and sacred geometry into a unique, gentle approach for healing and personal evolution.

To our bodies every experience we have is simply information. In essence, whether it is pain or pleasure, grief or joy these experiences are waves of information that we either take in and flow with or resist and store in our body. This holding can be subtle or obvious and can create an array of symptoms, postures and conditions. Imagine that you hold a geodesic dome in your hands and you press down on it. Rather than breaking, the force is evenly distributed throughout the structure. This is known as a tensegrity model, made famous by Buckminster Fuller. Our bodies are also tensegrity structures where a single stress does not break us but instead our whole system bears the load. As we carry more loads, we feel the stresses in our system more acutely.

To work with this, consider that Bio means life. We work with the intelligent vital energy that coordinates all of your trillions of cells. We apply our knowledge of the body geometry like a map that guides us to the organs, muscles and bones where “information” may be stuck or resistant. By bringing awareness and attention to these patterns of holding, ease and flow returns. Integration is the joining of the pieces to the whole, a sense of receiving information, releasing tension and of being more oneself.

An adjustment is the process where a gentle touch that is in rapport with you, follows the map of your geometry and brings about a change that your body system integrates. Experience ease in the release of old patterns as your physiology is gently opened to new ways of being -physically, mentally, emotionally.

Chiropractic is purely and completely about releasing the potential in one's system.

- Sue Brown, DC, Founder of Biogeometric Integration